Launching GUI Apps on Top of Docker Container.

Hello Everyone ,

Today I am Going To launch jupyter notebook on top of docker container

Task description :-

Launch container on Docker in GUI mode

Run any GUI software on the container

Step 1 :-Pull one image (centos)

step 2 :-Launch new container and Install GUI applicaitons like firefox -

step3 :- Launch firefox-

It will give error — no display nevironment variable specified.

So we need to define $DISPLAY while launching container.

step4 :-Launch another container with env $DISPLAY, and install firefox.

Use — net = host to use network of host system. So everything for connecting and networking we will use our host system for it.

step5:- Launch firefox

step6:- Install jupyter

first install python3 then by using pip3 install jupyter

step7 — Launch jupyter notebook

So , we have successfully launched GUI applications on the top of Docker container

Thank you for reading …..